Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs club, despite the opinion of some fans of baseball and sports in general, is not inferior in popularity to other famous clubs. And even if this popularity is a little different about the one that we all used to think about – this club still shows quite good results, worthy of respect and being talked about.

Good to know

Perhaps it is worth remembering a little story of baseball, once there is such a chance. In general, ask any resident of the United States about his favorite sport and in ninety cases out of a hundred you will be answered – baseball. This sport is one of the most popular among residents of the United States. Even in famous films you can still often see scenes where the main characters throw each other a ball and try to beat it with a bat. And this is not surprising, because the history of this sport comes from ancient times.
Now, like decades ago, even a child will be able to explain the principle of the game and the elementary rules of it. In order to play baseball with friends or family you do not need too many things. Ball and baseball bat – this is the minimum set for the game. The principle of it is simple and the general rule is only one: to score the most points, which in baseball are called runs. If we talk about professional baseball, the teams usually consist of nine people, and during the game itself, both teams switch places – some attack, others try to defend themselves. According to the rules, the ball is in the hands of the team that is defending, and the pitcher gives it to the catcher. In turn, the player attack, which is called the batter, needs to hit the ball. The ideal outcome would be if the ball flies out of the field: in this case, the referee counts the team with a home run. If the batter manages to hit the ball, they need to run to the first, second or third base. But the rest of the defense players do not stand idle either. Their task is to prevent the attackers from reaching the base until the ball hits the ground. There are several ways to achieve this: catch the batted ball before it falls to the ground (the judge counts fly out); transfer the ball to the player who defends the first (second or third) base earlier than the runner reaches the ground (this will be ground out); or you can do this by three pitcher hits in the strike zone, limited in width by the home base, and in height by the distance from the batter’s knees to the middle of his chest (this is called strike out). Naturally, there are many more options, but these are only the main ones. After receiving an out, the attacking player leaves the field, after three outs, half the inning ends and the teams switch places.

Speaking about the history of baseball, historians return to the end of the 18th century, when the ball and bat game was already very popular among the people of all ages. But if you need an exact date of occurrence, you should say that baseball, as we know it today, originated in 1845. It was then that one of the first baseball amateur teams was created, the captain and founder of which made a set of rules for the game, which became the basis for the rules of baseball, according to which the whole world plays today. The following year, according to these rules, the teams held a competitive game. At the same time, the difference in the score was just colossal – 23: 1.
From here begins the rapid development of baseball as a competitive sport. Soon, various organizations were created, such as the National Association of Base Ball Players (or NABBP for short), which brought together more than fifteen baseball clubs under its leadership. And that was just the beginning. It would seem that the oncoming war should have slowed down the process, but, fortunately, this did not happen. As soon as the Civil War ended – according to approximate estimates, the association included about a hundred baseball clubs, and after another couple of years about four hundred clubs, including those from distant cities.

The popularity of baseball could not be stopped, so the number of fans grew exponentially. Therefore, in less than a couple of years, the first professional baseball team, Red Stockings, appeared. That is, unlike the others, this team began to receive money for the game. But they did receive money for a reason: for their first game season Red Stockings did not lose any of the sixty games.

But this team did not become the only one, therefore, soon began to appear and other professional clubs, as well as new associations, which included at least twenty clubs.

With such a number of teams, which began to officially pay for the game, the number of teams that did not receive any money dropped sharply, and soon the organization, under whose leadership the amateur clubs were located, fell apart. But the previously mentioned National Association also soon ceased to exist. However, there is no indispensable, so the replacement of this organization occurred very quickly. It was the National League. An interesting fact: the two teams that were part of this organization play to this day, only by changing the names of the teams.
In subsequent years, the number of teams also changed: the old teams threw baseball or switched to other teams, new teams were created, new talented players appeared, and so on. Those teams that could not get into the National League, united in other associations, such as the Union Association or the Western League.

But, of course, the National League appeared a worthy opponent. Already in 1901, it was decided to create a new league – the American League – which soon began to actively compete with the NL for supremacy. But members of associations rather quickly realized that there was no point in quarrels, so after a couple of years, it was decided to establish parity. According to this parity, the winning teams of both leagues must play each other in the World Series, where they can compete for the right to have the championship title.
Thus, baseball became more and more popular, and by the beginning of the 20th century it had become almost one of the most important components of US culture. Due to the growing number of fans of this sport, the authorities had to build many new baseball parks, some of which still exist. A characteristic feature of baseball stadiums is the lack of rigid unification of their sizes. Only the parameters of the infield (playing square) are strictly stipulated, but for the outfield (external field) only the minimum allowable dimensions are indicated. Therefore, all the ballparks are different, there are batters (on which it is relatively easier to do home runs) and pitchers (more loyal to the pitchers).

As a result, the number of achievements in baseball led to the decision to create a place where you can commemorate or just see the list of achievements and some of the things of legendary players. This place has become the Baseball Museum of Fame. What is important is that this museum is truly a success, not only among residents of the United States, but also among visitors and tourists.

Baseball has truly become an integral part of the lives of Americans. So much so that they have already developed peculiar traditions associated with this game. For example, fans always sing the national anthem of the country before the start of the game, and the right to first throw is given to various celebrities or veteran players. Another fun tradition is warming up. When in the intervals between innings fans get up from their seats in the stands and warm up together, while performing various traditional songs.

Chicago Cubs or baseball veterans

Speaking of this club, once again have to go back to the distant past. However, the relatively distant. This club was one of those that debuted before many popular teams. It happened in 1876 in Chicago, and became the founding date of one of the most famous baseball clubs today. This is one of two teams that exist in the major leagues of North America, which continue to exist to this day. Interesting fact: this professional club is one of the few that have not changed their position since its inception. This club is truly dedicated to its place of origin.

Cubs club during its existence was able to achieve good results: they won the Major League Baseball three times, two of which were in a row, which is a good result. But here begins the fame of the Chicago Cubs. And speaking of fame, unfortunately, it means a sad one.

Perhaps many are aware of the so-called Curse of the Billy Goat, but few know what its essence is. After two wins in 1907 and 1908, the club began its series of losses. And everything would be fine, but the fans have found an interesting explanation for it. Rumors began to spread that the Cubs club was cursed. Perhaps this story will seem to someone a fiction and a fairy tale, but many fans repeat the same version of what happened. According to this version, an old man with a goat came to the Chicago Cubs in 1945 once. He wanted to just watch the game, but fans that were not lucky enough to sit next to this man began to chase him out because of his animal, from which an unpleasant smell emanated. The man didn’t like the attitude of Cubs fans towards him and his animal so much that he cried out in his heart something about that the Cubs team couldn’t win anything anymore. Was it really a curse or just a coincidence, but the next more than a hundred years luck avoided this club. Eventually, the Cubs is not something that could not win in the World Series championship, but could not even get to it.

But as time went on, the old man died a long time ago, and his goat as well, and all the failures continued to happen to the unfortunate club of losers. And only more than 45 years after the death of the old man, luck turned to the side of the club, and they finally could not just win the championship, but also do it with incredible success, completely defeating the opponent with a score of 5:0. And then everything went like clockwork: victory after victory, and now the Cubs are the winners of the World Series. This significant event happened in 2016, after so much time since the last victory. This event was celebrated, perhaps, by everyone.

You should not be surprised at the similar credulity and superstitiousness of baseball fans. Despite how ridiculous and pointless such stories look from the outside, in any sport there is a place for some special signs that really come true and affect the results of games. By the way, not everyone was happy with such a victory in the championship, as well as “breaking the curse”. Many fans said that they had repeatedly seen the anti-fans of the Cubs club in the stands, who kept on the leashes goats, which had signs around their necks with the words that the old man had once said. So, fans say, these people want to curse the club again for a new series of setbacks. Well, it remains to hope that this time they will fail.

Chicago Cubs were able to go such a long and hard way to destroy all prejudices and deceive their very fate, which, of course, deserves respect. This club has its own history, albeit so peculiar. It remains to wish them good luck and that no one curses will no longer be the cause of their defeats.