Сubs vs Сardinals

Confrontation Сubs vs Сardinals has many names, but the most popular is Route 66 rivalry. This is one of the most brutal and long lasting confrontations in the history of baseball. Undoubtedly, in baseball, as in any other sport, one cannot do without quarrels and competitions for supremacy, but only some of them go down in history and cause great interest among the public. And, of course, the more serious the confrontation – the more attention it receives from the public.

History of confrontation

Both clubs have their unusual history, but no one would have thought that in the future they would compete so much. As a rule, such conflicts do not arise from nowhere, but this time it is difficult to explain the reason for such a tough confrontation. In the case of other teams, there were cases when the team began to hate each other literally from the first game on the field, and everything immediately ended in fights. Some teams, on the contrary, resolved the issue of rivalry by peaceful means, simply meeting during the competition and without any fights, honestly trying to beat opponents, without insults and attempts to fight.

The first few meetings of these two teams were held at different times in four cities – not only in St. Louis and Chicago, but also in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. During the next game, the Browns manager decided to withdraw his team from the game during the 6th half, thus showing his displeasure at the call of referee Dave Sullivan. The Chicago Cubs won almost instantly with a score of 5-4 and were declared winners because of the voluntary departure of Cardinals from the field of play. For pitcher Dave Fouts St. Louis was able to take the victory from Chicago with a score of 13-4 in the 7th game. The Browns objected and insisted that the loss in the 2nd game was not counted as a defeat. As a result, it was decided to count the draw. Two clubs have shared a $ 1,000 prize.

The first series, which these teams played in the late 80s, ended ambiguously, and the teams quarreled; the winner could not be determined what caused the revenge a year later. In the second game, the Browns won with a staggering 12-0. Bob Caruthers defeated one striker, and left fielder Type O’Neill completed two home runs inside the park. Never before during the World Championships were several home runs in a row.

Despite the opponent’s victory, the Cubs were able to win the first and third games, which allowed them to take the lead of the series in St. Louis. But things got weirder during the fifth game. With Jim McCormick and Joko Flynn, with the injured and extremely tired John Clarkson, Chicago tried to replace players with new recruits, but the Browns refused to accept such conditions of the game. The player defending the team between the second and third bases Ned Williamson and right fielder Jimmy Ryan reached the point where you had to pass the ball. But the Browns effortlessly managed to win with a score of 10-3. The sixth and last game started earlier in time than the previous games, so the players had enough time to play the entire game completely. In the end, Kurt Welch won a “$ 15,000 slide” after a mad step to win it in front of an excited crowd in St. Louis.

After the association that ruled the browns broke up, their franchise became part of the National League in the 90s and changed their name to Cardinals in 1900. But joining the new league, the Browns could not immediately achieve the desired results. In contrast to the Cubs, which at that time had already won 3 pennants in a row in 1906-1908 and two World Series. They could not win only the first World Series of the first three games: they gave the victory to the rivals from their city, the White Sox. The Cubs were also able to win seven more pennants before the fatal year of 1945.

But the Cardinals were eventually able to gather such a composition of the team, which was able to win during the World Series in 1926. This game was their first victory at the National level, as well as the first victory after a losing streak after they managed to beat White Stockings. Despite the fact that the Cubs at that time could also achieve excellent results, their championship was stopped in 1908. In the end, the Cubs series of victories also ceased in 1945, when, according to the official version of the fan club, the team was cursed. Since that fatal year, the Cubs have not won a single championship until 2016, when they still managed to break the chain of failures and win again during the World Series games. The results of the Cardinals team are also impressive: they won the World Series more times than any other team in the National League, and only the Yankees were able to achieve even greater results.

Hack Wilson has a couple of unpleasant incidents in the biography of a baseball player involving fights with opponents and even fans. In the summer of 1928, in the midst of a game at Wrigley Field, fans rebelled against the Cardinals team. The reason was the unexpected attack of Wilson against a fan of the opposing team. It is still not known exactly why the player acted in this way, but many fans stood up for the fan. Thus, approximately 5,000 spectators were involved in a fight on the field before the police could unite everyone, eliminate the fight and restore order. The fan decided to sue Wilson by demanding compensation, but lost the court: the jury ruled in favor of Wilson.

Hot confrontation today

About the player Sandberg, perhaps, everyone heard. To a greater extent, these games were held so that the second baseman Ryan Sandberg could show himself on the field during the game, as well as for all the Cubs in 1984, which had high hopes for the player. The young played well during the first few months of the season, but as a team that has not yet had time to show many good results, they have not yet become a serious contender in the eyes of most baseball fans.

Sandberg continued to play for two seasons of the highest league, and although he was not the first baseball player with the highest rating, his average level of 0.260 miles was sufficient for his position. But these figures were also not something special, and almost no one knew about Sandberg outside Chicago. The game of the week, however, made some relaxed Cubs go out to play against a long-time rival – the Cardinals team. At that time, both teams already had a good level and considerable popularity not only in their native cities, but also beyond them.

After this match, followed by a long break in their confrontation, during which the team managed to gain strength and solve all their personal problems. There were many reasons for the break, including personal tragedies, but time does not stand still and sport always requires progress. Therefore, in 2005, their confrontation saw the whole world again. And again, the teams went almost at the same level: the Cubs players had their achievements and records, and the players of the opposing team also did not lag behind, showing excellent results.

To date, the relationship of these two teams has not changed much, which is not surprising. They continue to train hard to show their opponents all their skills and their level of professionalism.

It is not a secret for anyone that such hot confrontations are not news in the world of sports, not only in the field of baseball. In the history of sports there are always teams that are ready to fight for leadership to the last. And this is partly correct, because sport implies a competitive element. Perhaps it would be rather boring to just play this or that game without such thrills. However, such large confrontations often cause injuries and sometimes deaths.

As for the clubs themselves, both clubs are quite good and have a considerable number of achievements. To date, both clubs are gradually updating the line-up, inviting new promising players to the team, which, quite possibly, will bring them much fame and new records in the future.

Despite all attempts by athletes to show their professionalism and skills, it is important to always remember that sports squabbles must remain within the playing field. One should never forget that any athlete is responsible not only for himself, but also for his fans. Therefore, it remains to wish all athletes patience and courage in order not only to demonstrate their incredible skills, but also to do it with dignity. After all, not only adults, but also children and teenagers, who consider them their idols and role models, look at them every day. The motto “make love, not war” always works.