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It is not a secret for anyone that every big victory is a result that is achieved only with great efforts and willpower. It is impossible to achieve anything without attaching any strength to it and not spending a sufficient amount of time on achieving the goal. Sometimes, in order to achieve the goal, it may take a year, sometimes two, and sometimes even ten years is not enough. But it is important to remember only one truth: those who make efforts can always achieve the desired result.

Chicago Cubs story

The Chicago Cubs baseball club is a prime example of this truth.

To date, it is still impossible to name the exact age of baseball as a sport, but one thing is certain: a more popular game cannot be found throughout America. All this was by chance; just at some point someone decided that a game of hitting the ball with a bat can be a great competitive sport. Then the first group of people who called themselves the baseball team came. At about the same time, a set of rules for the game was created by one of the founders of one of the first baseball clubs in the United States. It officially became the starting point for the start of the development of a sport like baseball. The teams began to be created one after another; each had their own original name and attributes. Playing baseball has become prestigious. The number of non-professional teams grew exponentially, all sorts of competitions and championships between clubs began to be held. It is easy to guess that all this led to the fact that all these clubs needed special guidance that would help organize all the competitions and provide players with the necessary information. So baseball groups began to gather under the control of special organizations that began to be called Leagues. In total, there were two such Leagues at that time, and again the outcome of this situation is more than obvious.

Sport does not do without a competitive element, therefore, when a potential opponent appears – the struggle for supremacy begins. It also happened at that time: two famous major Leagues began to compete with each other. And, probably, everything would be deadlocked if the participants of both Leagues did not realize in time that such a confrontation would not lead to anything good. The solution was found after several years of senseless squabbles. Between the Leagues was signed parity. According to this document, only the winning teams of the two Leagues after all the competitions could meet on the same field during the World Series, in which they were entitled to compete for the right to have the championship title.

Baseball as a sport is rapidly gaining popularity. The number of fans around the world has reached an incredible number; every second person in some countries was somehow interested in baseball. This led to the fact that by the end of 1869 the first professional baseball team had appeared. It was distinguished by the fact that members of this team received a monetary reward for their victories.

Some teams that were part of both Leagues still exist, by the way. In the following decades, the number of teams playing in the National League changed more than once – some clubs fell apart, but new ones replaced them. At the same time, in the cities where there were no NL teams, other professional baseball teams were formed, which in different years belonged to various associations that appeared after the main leagues. The number of professional clubs has increased dramatically, baseball began to turn into a real professional sport. With the advent of professional teams, the amateur baseball organization fell apart, and several amateur organizations ended their existence.

In the first decades of the 20th century, baseball gradually became an integral part of the culture of the United States, it was even called the “national religion of America.” The increase in the number of fans attending matches necessitated the construction of several new baseball parks and stadiums, some of which have survived to this day. Baseball fans and ball parks have peculiar traditions. For example, before the start of the match, the US national anthem is played, and the right to symbolic first serve is given to various celebrities or honored individuals, such as baseball veterans.

Chicago Cubs is one of the oldest baseball clubs, whose history is full of drama and unexpected plot twists. Back in 1876, no one would have thought what glory awaits this group of baseball lovers.

Chicago Cubs news: The Billy Goat Story

Perhaps, this story is known to everyone who is even slightly interested in baseball. Many teams are known for their achievements, someone became popular because of their charity events and other things. Of course, the Cubs, too, can be proud of their achievements, but they did not get fame because of the cups and medals. The most talked about topic associated with this club was the “Curse of the Billy Goat”.

Billy’s goat curse is one of the most famous curses in baseball that has prevented the Chicago Cubs from entering the World Series for seventy years. The last Cubs were played in the final in 1945. The curse appeared just then, in 1945, during the 4th match of the World Series Cubs vs. Detroit Tigers.

In the 1945 season, the Cubs were doing relatively well, they had some good hopes. They had a great regular season. Then won the National League with a margin of 3 wins from the Cardinals. In the World Series they fell for rivals the Detroit Tigers. The first three games of the series were held in Detroit. Two of them won the Cubs, with a score of 9: 0 and 3: 0, and one of them – Tigers. Chicago approached the fourth, home game, leading the series 2: 1.

And on the first game in Chicago (fourth in the series) happened something strange.

William “Billy Goat” Sianis – an emigrant from Greece, the owner of “Billy Goat’s Tavern” since 1934, a Cubs fan – came to the match along with the tavern’s mascot – the goat. And he even had bought two tickets for himself and the goat. But this did not prevent the organizers from asking Billy to leave the stands, as the smell from his goat distracted other fans. Sianis was offended and said: “Now the Cubs will never win again.”

There is no exact description of the curse. Someone says that Cianis said that the World Series matches will never be played at Wrigley Field. Someone says that the Cubs will never play in the World Series, without mentioning any stadium. The Cianis family claims that he even sent a telegram to the stadium owner: “You will lose this World Series. And you will never win the World Series because you insulted my goat.”

Since then, the Chicago Cubs not only never won the World Series, but did not fall into it at all. 108 years have passed since the previous victory in 1908. It was considered the longest losing streak in the history of North American sports. The losing streak was so long that no one even thought that the Cubs could win again.

And so, in 2016, the incredible happens. “Chicago Cubs News: Curse removed!” –  was on all the headlines of sports newspapers. No one could believe it. But it really happened. At the same time, Cubs managed not only to win the World Series, but also to set a new own record for the number of victories per season. On November 2, 2016, the Chicago Cubs met in the final with Cleveland Indians. In the course of the World Series, they lost 1: 3 in matches, but equalized. In the decisive seventh match, it took 10 innings to identify the winner. The Cubs won with a score of 8: 7 and not only won the World League for the first time in 108 years, but also “lifted” the curse, which lasted 71 years.

After so many unsuccessful attempts to deceive fate, they still managed to achieve their goal. It is this case that is an excellent example of how persistence and patience, in the end, gives the desired results. This curse is not the only case; such superstitions are not uncommon in big-time sports. But even for those who are skeptical of all kinds of mysticism, this situation has become a valuable lesson and an important role model.

Now the Cubs are ready to break into battle again and reach new heights. After such “Cubs news” everything seems possible. Not a single curse is terrible anymore, because even such a long losing streak still ended successfully with great news. Therefore, it is worthwhile simply to wish the Cubs club good luck in the future, and so that no more mystical curse will get in their way. After all, now they have all the luck and every chance of becoming one of the best baseball teams in the whole world.