Chicago Cubs roster

There is nothing more pleasant than watching your favorite sports game, sitting in the stands among other fans or sitting at home on a soft sofa by the TV. But it is even more pleasant when you have the necessary basic knowledge about your favorite sport and the team you like the most. Perhaps for someone such knowledge will seem superfluous, but only true fans know the price of this knowledge and always want to learn as much as possible.

Back to the past

It’s hard to tell where baseball history really begins. There are so many versions that historians themselves are confused, forgetting about their past versions and offering new ones. Only one thing is known for certain: baseball has always been the most popular entertainment among Americans. It’s amazing how a simple batting game turned into a professional sport. But, on the other hand, there is nothing to be surprised at: there are many kinds of sports that began spontaneously.

Of course, the rules of the game changed more than once, but this only indicates that progress never stands still. Perhaps baseball would have remained a nameless ball game if it were not for the ingenuity of the Americans and their desire for development. So the first amateur baseball team appeared. Of course, many people liked the idea, because it is much more interesting to play not just with family or friends, but with complete strangers. This is not only a way to test your skills, but also the opportunity to make new acquaintances, as well as the opportunity to exchange invaluable experience. So there was another amateur team, and then another, and another. Of course, the existence of teams eventually led to the fact that they began to compete with each other. The teams met on a special field, where the selected person judged the game according to an exemplary set of rules. Speaking about the rules of baseball, it is important to clarify that the rules have changed indeed many times, but the rules that we know today were invented by the founder of the first non-professional baseball team of the time, Alexander Kortrayt.

Following the teams, various associations began to appear, which these teams gathered under their leadership. Baseball began to become more than just entertainment for family and friends. By 1865, the number of American baseball clubs had reached thousands, or maybe even more. Baseball quickly gained the attention of sports fans around the world. Of course, along with the number of athletes, the number of fans also grew. The authorities had to allocate a considerable amount of money only to build new stadiums that could accommodate such a huge number of people.

All this gradually led to the decision to start paying the players for the victory over their opponents. So the first professional baseball team appeared. Its difference was only in the fact that the players not only received the glory of the winners, but also a monetary reward. This obviously made baseball even more popular. After the emergence of such an incentive, athletes around the world began to work even harder, developing and enriching the baseball culture with their achievements and records. Soon there were so many professional teams that the association, which in those days led the amateur clubs, ceased to exist. In its place came a new organization which began to gather professional clubs of players under its leadership. There were seven clubs altogether, and two of them still exist.

The situation remained unchanged for the next few decades. Many teams have completed their existence without achieving any success. But many new teams were also created, which included incredibly talented and gifted people. Of course, many people thought about such an organization that combines several clubs. But not many managed to embody this idea. And yet, in 1901, a new league was created, which was called the American. Now there were two of them and, for many, the fact that they began to compete with each other is obvious. But what is good is that there were no wars and evil quarrels. Everything was decided culturally and decently, with the help of a single document. Two leagues concluded parity between themselves, according to which all competitions between leagues should be held officially and exclusively during the World Series.

As for the Chicago Cubs, it is one of the oldest clubs – the date of its foundation returns us back to 1876. Members of the club are truly committed to their history: since the foundation, the club has never changed its location, unlike many other famous clubs that have changed not only stadiums, but even cities. The club has its own history, albeit not very pleasant. Real fans of this club really know what a bad reputation is. It is difficult today to find a man who has not heard of the curse of the Chicago Cubs club. Indeed, until 2016, every baseball fan already believed that the club was really cursed. After a strange incident with the old man and his goat during the match in 1945, the Cubs completely lost their luck. They could not win a single championship, until 2016. Fortunately, the so-called “curse” was lifted, so the Cubs are ready to start fighting for success again.

Stars Chicago Cubs

It is not a secret for anyone that in any kind of sport there are a lot of outstanding players who amaze the whole world with their achievements and make them watch with bated breath. There are always masters of their craft. Baseball, of course, was no exception. Some clubs were able to gather only the most talented and outstanding players, and some were lucky to have at least one gold player. It all depends on luck and funding. In any case, Chicago Cubs also boast outstanding baseball players who deserve to be talked about.

First on this list should undoubtedly go the famous Joseph Vincent McCarthy. This great man brought so much into baseball that he was honored to be on the lists of the baseball museum of fame. McCarthy is the first ever manager of a baseball club who was able to lead his team to victory in both the National and American Leagues as many as nine times. His baseball achievements remain truly incredible: his winning percentage is the highest in Major League history. Just think: in his career as a baseball player and baseball manager, there are more than two thousand victories. This is one of the highest rates in the world.

He lived a rich and vibrant life, most of which he devoted to baseball. McCarthy was the manager of several large clubs, including supervised by the famous Yankees club. Under his leadership, the Yankees were able to achieve incredible success, for all the 16 years of cooperation, they became the champion eight times, and the team became the world champion seven times. And the total number of Yankees winnings under the leadership of McCarthy is equal to 1460 victories. Thanks to him, the Yankees gained fame, and thanks to the acquired fame of the team from New York, Joe Mccarthy became popular as a manager.

But it all began with Chicago Cubs. He became the manager of this club back in 1926 and for four years he supervised this club, confidently leading him to victories. Unfortunately, the sources did not have detailed information about his experience in managing this club, but together they were able to achieve quite good results. The only thing that can be said for sure: thanks to Mccarthy Cubs were able to win the NL title in 1926.

Of course, in order to teach someone – you need to master the skill thoroughly. Therefore, back in 1905, young Mccarthy decided to become a famous baseball player. Today’s famous manager Joseph also has the past of an ordinary catcher named Joe. At one time, he played for the unknown team Highlanders from New York, with whom he was able to achieve quite nice results.

In general, he spent more than 15 years participating in various competitions as part of different teams, developing his skills. And in the end, he realized that he was ready to transfer his knowledge and teach others something. The result was even better than he expected. Joe Mccarthy and his great achievements are still remembered.

Next perhaps worth mentioning is the Japanese baseball player Yu Darvish. Then no one could have imagined that the boy, who was born on a hot August 1986, in the future will become a famous successful baseball player. But even then baseball was actively developing throughout Japan; therefore, Yu’s parents decided that this sport would be an excellent opportunity for a child to achieve something in life. Yu attended Tohoku High School, which at the time was one of the most famous schools that coached future baseball players. Time passed, the young man became more and more interested in baseball, trained hard, and, in the end, he was noticed. In 2004, he was noticed by the management of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters club. Naturally, the newcomer could not immediately be let out on the field to professional players, so for about a year Yu had special training and was preparing for his debut.

Finally, in the early summer of 2005, Yu’s dream came true: he made his debut as a professional baseball player. The Fighters helped him start his long journey in professional baseball, taking him to his team, and this was the beginning of his brilliant career. His first match was highly successful, so the young baseball player was able to continue playing as part of the Fighters. Yu Darvish played for more than five years as the part of this team, and during that time he was able to bring them a lot of victories and achievements. Three years later, a talented baseball player was able to take part in the Olympic Games, which were held in the summer of 2008, where he also showed good results. About a year later, Yu Darvish was able to reach a new peak: he became the winner of the World Baseball classics and took home the gold medal. In 2011, Yu apparently decided that it was time to change something, so he left the Fighters club and began his search for a decent place. Since 2011, he changed several clubs, but, unfortunately, they did not bring him the desired results. During his time in several clubs, starting in 2011, Yu was never able to become a winner in any championship. Endless wanderings between clubs in 2018 led him to the ranks of Chicago Cubs.

But sporting achievement is not the only thing that Yu Darvish can be proud of. Back in 2007, a young baseball player, having collected the necessary amount of money, decided to create a “Water Fund” to help those who need clean drinking water. This fund is engaged in the construction of wells in countries where there is no necessary amount of potable water. Perhaps this is one of the most worthy deeds among many athletes.

At first glance it may seem that all the outstanding players of Chicago Cubs are too young, but this does not mean that they are less talented. Kristopher Lee Bryant began his career as a baseball player at an early age. He was born in the winter of 1992, which is clearly reflected in his manner and behavior during the game. Of course, as well as the career of almost every American player, Kris Bryant’s career began from his school years. And this is logical, because before becoming a professional player, each athlete has to go through more than one year of hard training and participate in dozens of competitions. Kristopher has long participated in competitions as part of San Diego Toreros; together with this club, which was at college, he achieved excellent results and even then he was able to show himself as a promising and skillful player. His achievements are really impressive. Being a non-professional player, he gained fame and was twice included on the All-American lists as an incredibly talented and promising baseball player. But 2013 brought him even greater success: as part of the college team, he was able to win in two important competitions by winning the Dick Howser Cup and the Golden Spikes Award, which is an incredibly high figure for a non-professional player. Time passed and, of course, such successes could not go unnoticed. In the same year, Chicago Cubs heard about Kris Bryant and were quick to propose a lucrative contract. Undoubtedly, it was an excellent choice from the Chicago Cubs, since it is clear to everyone that such a tidbit would not have remained without attention of other famous clubs for a long time. And, indeed, Cubs were not mistaken. The newcomer almost immediately hit the spot with all his skills, and literally immediately became one of the best players. He easily won the USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award, after which he won the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award just a year after signing the contract.

And this, obviously, was not the end of his career. Chris was waiting for more success: in 2015, he was able to make his debut in the Higher League. And even here, luck continues to accompany the novice: he receives the All-Star title several times and becomes the New League of the year according to the National League. And soon  he received the title of the most valuable player in the National League. Isn’t that incredible luck? Or is it all about exhausting training and love of baseball? Undoubtedly, the second option will be correct. Only by overwork and with the help of a passionate heart can the best results be achieved, as Kris Bryant demonstrates to us.

Another relatively young but promising baseball player from America is Taylor Davis. Having debuted relatively recently, he has already managed to establish himself as a clever and skilled catcher. While studying in high school in the state of Florida, young Taylor thought for a long time what to devote his life to. His only passion was sports, especially baseball. It is not surprising, because what American today is not playing in this so old and popular game? For a long time he spoke at competitions for his school. He was repeatedly noticed by various clubs, but Taylor did not dare to sign a contract. Time passed, the young man graduated from school and entered the university. A passion for baseball grew every day; Taylor began playing as part of the Morehead State Eagles. Everyone around saw the young player’s talent and potential, but he still resisted. Apparently, Taylor still could not understand himself and choose his way through life. And yet, after long wanderings, at the end of his studies at the university, he nevertheless decided and signed a contract with Chicago Сubs, but only as a reserve player. This gave him the opportunity to reflect on what he wants to achieve in life and what he wants to devote himself to. Continuing endless workouts, Taylor thought a lot about this, and eventually his hour came. In September 2017 he was called for the first time. On September 14, 2017, Taylor recorded his first hit in the big leagues on a slow rink up the third baseline. He signed a small league contract with newcomers on December 21, 2017. His contract was purchased on September 1, 2018. And even despite his so short career as a professional baseball player, he shows excellent results and in the future will be able to hit the whole world with his achievements in baseball.

And finally, James K. Norwood – the last in the list, but not the last in achievements and skills. This player also debuted relatively recently as a professional player, but also managed to demonstrate his skills and his professionalism. Born in the cold winter of 1993, the American James Norwood has also come a long way to reach heights. From an early age, he was fond of baseball and dreamed of devoting his life to it. While studying at All Hallows High School, which is located in New York, Norwood actively participated in competitions and developed his baseball skills. Of course, all efforts are justified; therefore in 2011 he was elected by the newspaper of his city as a baseball player of the year, according to the All-Bronx version. And this is not surprising: his achievements already deserved attention; he showed the fans excellent playing techniques and promising skills. Time did not stand still, studies in high school came to an end, but the way Norwood as a professional baseball player was just beginning. He entered an excellent university and continued to develop there as a baseball player, joining the Saint Louis University baseball team. His skills were getting better and better every day; everything was already clear then that Norwood would become famous in the future. His results were really impressive: in 2014 he managed to win a loss record and a 2.68 earned run average. Impressive, right? Naturally, his achievements did not go unnoticed. And, of course, Chicago Cubs long and attentively watched him and his growth as a baseball player, therefore, already in 2014, during the seventh round of the MBL project the Cubs invited the young man to their team.

After signing the contract, months of training and difficult competitions began. His first season with professionals was really hard, but even so Norwood impressed everyone with his professionalism and efficiency during the game. A few years went by as one: the young man trained hard and laid out at full strength during the championships. And all efforts paid off in the summer of 2018. Club Subs finally decided to promote a newcomer to the big leagues. His debut was not something incredible, but one should not draw conclusions so early. Norwood has played in the Major League for less than a year, so all his great achievements and records are waiting for him ahead.